About Somali Aid

Somali Aid, established in 2010, is a politically non-partisan organization which transcends the regional and belief barriers, and aims to serve every individual regardless of their origin or location.


Towards a social and an economic change characterized by sustainability, social interaction, community-ownership, and community self-mobilization and self-reliance.


To support and coordinate the community efforts and resources in the development of sustainable socio-economic initiatives through empowerment and social integration.


Households gained access to clean drinking water, hygiene and sanitation.


Accessed training and sensitized on peace building and integration


Poor households benefitted from restocking and farm inputs and training


People were screened and treated on various illnesses including Malnutrition and Polio


18 Jan
Food Security & Livelihoods

Integrated Food security and Livelihoods recovery project

In response to civil conflict; natural disaster; socioeconomic breakdown witnessed by the people of Somalia, Somali Aid has launched an integrated food...
20 Dec

Every child deserves a chance to walk, learn and play around

Yussuf Abshir Osman, a seven year old boy lives in Kabasa IDP Centre. He is the firth born in a family of eight. His mother, Hindiya Ali Samatar, a single...
15 Dec

Flowing taps, a rekindled hope

Residents of Badhadhe town in good times with their new modern rehabilitated water system, thanks to Somali Aid. For many years, clean water scarcity was an...
15 Nov
Health & Nutrition

Help a child walk on his feet

In a country where Polio virus have taken a foothold since 2013, Somali Aid is making remarkable efforts to grantee a polio free population. In Bardere,...
21 Jun
Health & Nutrition

Help children see their 5th birthday

Under nutrition is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 5 years.  In Somalia, 1 out of every 8 children is at risk of dying due to...


We are a non-profit organization, we are looking forward to a peaceful world by helping each other to join hands together to bring
good things for people. Please join us to contribute small items or a little money to contribute to helping the disadvantaged.