Help a child walk on his feet

In a country where Polio virus have taken a foothold since 2013, Somali Aid is making remarkable efforts to grantee a polio free population. In Bardere, El-wak, Dollow and Belet-Hawo districts, Gedo region in Southern Somalia, Somali Aid is implementing a Polio project dedicated to eradicating the virus in the country.

In our ongoing program, Somali Aid has in the last 10 months reached about 22,600 children under the age 15 in the four districts.  5600 children in each districts were vaccinated against the virus in a routine immunization, 152 community health volunteers and WHO district polio officers trained and 546 key community stakeholders sensitized on community awareness on polio eradication in a program intended to wipe out the deadly virus were covered. Somali Aid has also established a strong coordination with various stakeholders including the WHO, UNICEF, Local administration and other key health actors in Southern Somalia Gedo region.

Somalia has the second worst rate of Polio vaccination in the world after Equatorial Guinea with the latest case reported in Hobyo disctrict, Mudug region of August 11th 2014. Somali Aid is dedicated with your support to achieve a polio free population in Somalia. Help us reach more children.