Flowing taps, a rekindled hope

Residents of Badhadhe town in good times with their new modern rehabilitated water system, thanks to Somali Aid.

For many years, clean water scarcity was an abstract concept and stark reality to the residents of Badhadhe. This was as result of myriad political, economic and social forces resulting from over two decades of political instability and clandestine wars in Somalia that has made access to safe and clean water a striking feature. The lack of clean and safe water has led to the risks of water borne diseases such as cholera, an endemic disease that claim hundreds of lives annually. However, for Badhadhe people, this has been mitigated.

The completed water supply system now produces up to 12,000 litres an hour, which is stored in the elevated tank and then gravitated to the water access points from which it can be easily accessed. About 3000 people (410 men, 640 women, 1,070 girls and 880 boys) and about 430 herds of livestock are serve by the water facility. Somali Aid also ensured the quality of drinking water by initiating hygiene promotional behaviours where 24 local hygiene promoters (17 men, 7 women) were trained and linked to the project, trained 12(9 men and 3 women) water management committee as an integral component of the water project.

However, because the water source also serve livestock needs, this possess great pressure that may lead to overreliance on the water system hence fears of exhausting. There is therefore need to consider development  of separate water supply system for livestock and build more water centres in nearby towns to reduce concentration and pressure on this great water points for Badhadhe.

At Somali Aid, we value lives and dedicated to provide basic necessities like water to every mother and child in Somalia. With your support, we can help quench the thirst of many vulnerable people.