Raised: $35,436 /$50,000

Reviving Families’ Hopes

In response to civil conflict; natural disaster; socio-economic breakdown witnessed by the people of Somalia, Somali Aid has launched an integrated food security and livelihood recovery project in Garbaharey, Gedo region, Somalia.


Through this program aimed at achieving economic empowerment of vulnerable families, Somali Aid was able to reach 855 beneficiaries comprised of 322 men, 533 women. 360 female and 154 male vulnerable pastoralists benefited from restocking of livestock giving priority to the bed-ridden, disabled, widowed bread winners and the elderly. 39 women and 26 men who lost their livestock to drought, destitute households, disabled and female headed households benefited from unconditional Cash transfer. 50 female and 76 male benefited from the Cash for Work activity that involved of river embankment, filling the empty sacks with sand, transporting and stacking the filled sacks, bush clearing, digging canals etc.


Somali Aid also undertook rehabilitation of 506km of roads, 21.8km irrigation canals and 700m river embankment through Cash for work. 84 women and 56 men agro-pastoralist were identified, registered and benefited from distribution of assorted seeds such as sorghum, sesame and cowpea, 84 female and 56 male farmers were trained on conservation Agriculture, prevention of post-harvest losses and farmer’s field school skills.

Somali Aid procured 1542 goats, vaccinated and distributed to the 514 registered beneficiaries identified by the community elders. A further 315 female and 199 male were trained on basic livestock management, 10 community based animal health workers were also trained to provide the required veterinary services to the restocked beneficiaries and the other community members. They were further equipped with basic tool kit containing veterinary drugs among other essential items.


Somalia is rising from botched radical surgery of decades of economic and political breakdown plus collapse of social cohesion. With political stability witnessed, food security is paramount, Somali Aid is dedicated with your support to build a Somalia where sustainable development is realised.