As Somalia makes gains to recover from decades of political and economic breakdown that has brought the country’s food production to its knees, Somali Aid is taking an active role in food production and improving livelihood in the country. Somali Aid believes that it is crucial to improve communities’ long term food security through building resilience to drought.

The activities in our food security and  livelihood programs promotes and develop projects focused in lifesaving interventions by enabling access to food, availability, utilization, and Stability in supply. The programs also work towards ensuring that each person has the tools and the ability to life in a secure and sustainable manner by supplying the economy with the means to revive its crippled credit systems and empower the most vulnerable.

Somali Aid focuses on contribution towards improving household income, which is critical for food security and poverty reduction.  Specifically, Somali Aid implements initiatives in the areas of cash-based transfers, income-generating interventions, tools and equipment distribution, livestock restocking, irrigation, and livestock water infrastructure rehabilitation. All these interventions are integrated with related capacity building components.

In our cash for work program in Dollow and Luuq in Gedo region, Somalia financed by FAO, A total 2134 vulnerable household beneficiaries (348 female and 1786 male) were paid their dues for the rehabilitation works on the water catchments and irrigation Canal. Soil volumes; 55986.21m3 and 103,680m3 were excavated from the water catchments and the irrigation canals respectively.

Equally, in Dollow, Luuq, Baidoa and Beledweyn districts in Southern Somalia, 285 households benefitted from Crop Yield Assessment initiative aimed at increasing crops productivity and output. 565 household farmers received training on Pictorial Evaluation Tools (PET) and Crop Yield Assessment training as well fertilizers and seeds for cultivation.  The project implementation was made possible by FAO.


In response to civil conflict; natural disaster; socio-economic breakdown witnessed by the people of Somalia, we have implemented an integrated food security and livelihood recovery project in Garbaharey, Gedo region, Somalia where 360 female and 154 male vulnerable pastoralists benefited from restocking of livestock giving priority to the bed-ridden, disabled, widowed bread winners and the elderly. 39 women and 26 men who lost their livestock to drought, destitute households, disabled and female headed households benefited from unconditional Cash transfer. 50 female and 76 male benefited from the Cash for Work activity that involved of river embankment, filling the empty sacks with sand, transporting and stacking the filled sacks, bush clearing, digging canals etc.